Sunday, November 14, 2010

Daring Cooks November Challenge - Soufflés

Dave and Linda from Monkeyshines in the Kitchen chose Soufflés as our November 2010 Daring Cooks’ Challenge! Dave and Linda provided many of their own delicious recipes plus a sinfully decadent chocolate soufflé recipe adapted from Gordon Ramsay’s recipe found at the BBC Good Food website.

We had a great challenge this month, for the Daring Cooks: baking soufflés! It’s been a few years since I made my first soufflé, but perfecting a recipe or a technique is also part of the DC group.

Our hosts gave us several recipes and options, both sweet and savoury. Although the chocolate soufflé sounded mouth-watering, there have just been too many sweets around here lately, so I opted for the crab and artichoke recipe, which really jumped out at me. However, while we are fans of artichokes, we prefer them fresh (Laurent is always disappointed with the canned ones – except when they’re directly imported from Italy), and those aren’t really in season right now. So I substituted the artichoke with an equal amount of corn, as crab and corn are one of my favourite flavour combinations.

Overall, I don’t have much to report for this challenge. My soufflé certainly didn’t rise as much as others soufflés I’ve seen, but it was light and airy, and I loved the flavours. I was glad for the opportunity to experiment on that level, as I’ve tended to make the same old soufflés over the years. Although I didn’t have time to try more than one recipe, I did think of quite a few, and I’m hoping to test them out over the winter.

Thanks, David and Linda, for this challenge! Don’t forget to check out the challenge recipes at the Daring Kitchen, and to take a look at the Daring Cooks’ blogroll!


  1. I am also a big fan of the crab/corn combination. Growing up in Illinois might have had something to do with the corn part.

    Just from the photos, I can tell these tasted wonderful.

  2. Mmm, crab and corn souffle sounds fantastic! Congrats!!

  3. Crab and corn sounds like a great combination! I found my savoury one didn't rise as much as the sweet, but, like you, I want to make many more souffles in the near future.

  4. Lovely flavor combo and you are one of the few I think who was not a newbie. It was surprisingly simple to execute...results varying in rise but delicious. Great work!

  5. Lovely souffle - I also love crab with corn. Crab season starts today in San Francisco, so we may be trying this one soon!

  6. Looks like you don't need super tall souffles to get a great tasting (and looking) result.

    Well done!
    Stay JOLLY!