Monday, February 8, 2010

A Hand for Haiti: Now Available for Purchase

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Lauren, from Celiac Teen, was issuing a call for recipes for an e-cookbook she was putting together to raise money for Haiti. She has been working very hard, and we're pleased to announce that the e-book is ready and available for sale.

Entitled A Hand for Haiti, this e-book contains 87 recipes, by 71 food bloggers. Each of us contributed recipes which symbolize home for us: they are recipes close to our hearts, that bring us comfort.

The minimum price for this e-book is $10 (Canadian). However, you have the option of giving more, if you wish. It is important to note that the Canadian government will match any donations received before February 12th (this coming Friday). The e-book will still be available after that, but the government's contribution will no longer apply.

All proceeds will go to the Canadian Red Cross.

If you wish to make a donation for Haiti, I urge you to purchase A Hand for Haiti. I also want to thank Lauren for the opportunity to take part in this. And I want to applaud her for her admirable kindness and all her hard work.


  1. And a lovely book it is I might add... :)

  2. I think it's so great what Lauren did, and was so happy to contribute! I can't wait to see what you contributed, as I know it will be incredibly yummy..a yummy that will help the victims of the quake. Heart warming, indeed.

  3. Yes, it is Lauren's graceful effort!

    I will be trying out your Mushroom Pizza and Brie and Portobella Pizza soon... Happy Valentine's Day, Valerie!

    Sawadee from Bangkok,